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From Lenape Heritage to Axe Throwing: Pottstown, PA

Looking around the building at 225 E. High Street in Pottstown PA the historical roots of this town seem to call out from the walls. Even more so, looking out of the high windows, the sights and sounds seem to hearken back to even before the town's industrial heyday.

Pottstown holds a place of importance in regional Native American history. At the intersection of Franklin Street and Industrial Highway is an old Lenni-Lenape burial ground. This land was once the hunting and fishing grounds for the Lenape.

It is also not lost that the building at 225 E. High Street in Pottstown PA is now home to Splitting Edge Axe Throwing, Native American history depicts the Tomahawk as not only a useful everyday tool and a hand to hand weapon, but most significantly used to invoke treaties and solidify friendships.

The irony is not lost that invoking treaty's and solidifying friendships is exactly what happens when people gather at Splitting Edge to throw the modern day Tomahawk. In this Montgomery County hot spot located about 21 miles northwest of King of Prussia, Splitting Edge Axe Throwing has inadvertently recreated a lifestyle component from the Lenape who once thrived on these lands.

Watching the throwing styles and proud pronunciations of these modern day axe throwers forming bonds over good throws and wholehearted missed attempts, it is easy to imagine how Tomahawk's were historically adorned to match the owner's lifestyle and prestige.

The Lenape held such a special place in this area a long time ago it seems fitting for people to join in community around an activity that once held a place in the lives of the Lenape.

Splitting Edge Axe Throwing seems to be a natural fit here on E. High Street, overlooking the Schuylkill River, the longtime hunting and fishing grounds of the Lenape people.