If you like someone enough to throw axes with then this is the league for you. Who will you trust to protect your back in an event of a zombie apocalypse.

Throw as a Team win as a Team

Don't have a partner to throw? Don't worry we will try our best to pair you up with someone.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Experience the thrill as you unleash the AXE

If you like throwing axes then you will love being in our Axe Throwing Leagues!! Sharpen your skills and take them to the next level as you play among the best and compete for a chance to participate in the World Championship.



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Which League to Choose?

We offer Two Categories in Leagues
 WATL- World Axe Throwing League 

The biggest official league in the Axe throwing World. Held across the globe ​at WATL affiliated venues.  The most popular format is Singles with Big Axe & Duals added recently.

 Doubles Recreational League 

Our in house recreational Doubles League. If you are team player you will love this version. Perfect for friends, couples & families.


$140/ person | 8 Weeks | Tuesdays

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Freebies & a Few

reasons to join!


Leagues FAQ

Do I need Axe Throwing experience before joining a league?

No Experience is required. We have Axe Throwing experts who will be with you during the session and guide you how to throw and perfect your aim.

How long do league nights run?

Practice sessions run from 6-7pm before league nights which start at 7.

Is alcohol permitted?

Beer and Wine are permitted. We also allow food and refreshments. It's about you having a good time.

Do I need a team for Leagues?

The WATL leagues running on Wednesday and Sunday are scored individualy so no. For our in house Recreational Summers league you will need a partner. If you dont have a person to throw with currently then let us know, we will try our best to pair you with some other individual.

Can I bring my own axe?

As long as the dimensions of the Axe fit the profile described in the WATL Rules guidlines you should be good to go. We also provide house axes for participants without axes.

What if I miss a league night?

Per WATL League rules you may miss up to 2 days and the matches will be made up in future weeks before the 7th week.

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